Born in Kentucky. Moved to Africa when I was 5. Zaire, now know as The Democratic Republic of the Congo was home until I graduated from High School. I also attended boarding school for a 4 years in Kenya.


My childhood had more adventure then most people get to fit into multiple lifetimes. I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, biked across Kenya chasing zebras and giraffes as we went. I have jumped off waterfalls. Swam in abandon lakes. Met people from all over the world. Grew up speaking 3 languages. And have Friends on almost every Continent. 


I still love to travel. Meet new people and experience new cultures. It's in my blood. Right now most of my adventures happen in Eastern Pennsylvania. And I'm loving it. 


I have been married to my best-friend for 17 years. We have 3 Kids who get their pictures taken way more then they like. A dog. A Farmhouse. And the most amazing and supportive Family and Friends to share life with.